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Round-up of 2013 Institute of Directors Conference

The high flyers of business and politics descended upon the capital yesterday for this year’s Institute of Directors (IoD) conference. In the grand surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall, thousands of business leaders spent the day networking and discussing the current issues affecting UK business. The IoD promised that the conference would set the agenda […]

A Marriage Made In Heaven: How To Combine Your Online & Offline Marketing

There’s been a lot of talk of death when discussing online and offline marketing, but actually there’s no need for a fight. The rise of online marketing doesn’t mean traditional marketing methods are dead in the water. It just means we, as businesses, have a new and expanding way to reach our customers. Now you […]

If Failure Doesn’t Kill You, It Will Make Your Business Stronger

I’ve failed. There I’ve admitted it. Many people have the view of management consultants that we don’t really know what we’re talking about – that we have theories, that we’ve read books but we don’t understand the true reality of business – the highs and lows – of the successes and failures. Here’s what I […]

An Unpredictable Future: How Will Your Business Manage Change?

All businesses have to manage change and never more so than in today’s ever-changing environment. In our global arena that is being revolutionised by technology, where everyone is listening, commenting and demanding more, it can feel like the floor is constantly shifting under your feet. Even if you didn’t see it coming, what will differentiate […]

Wash Your Mouth Out: No More Management Speak

The lingo ‘business jargon’ and ‘corporate speak’; even the words to describe it are irritating. The vague and confusing language that is management speak has been dubbed a ‘pointless irritation’ in a poll of over 2,000 managers. The Institute of Leadership and Management survey found that 64% of offices are peppered with corporate jargon but not […]

Is There Room For Nice In Business?

You’ve heard the cliché. ‘Be nice to people on your way up as you’ll meet them on the way down’, but is there more of a case for being nice in business than worrying about an angry mob of business associates waiting for you to fail? In board rooms full of business people with razor […]

What Is Strategy? And Is It Really Worth The Effort?

Let’s face it, you’re extremely busy just running your day-to-day business, trying to keep your head above water. Do you really need a robust business strategy? Will it really make so much difference to your results? You know that your business is not doing anywhere near as well as it should but you’re not sure […]

Is Your Mobile Commerce Ready For The Boom?

Your site is soaring up the SERPs for high volume keywords. Your meta-description is such a masterpiece that people can’t help themselves. They click through on their mobile phone and what do they find? The buttons are too small, the text is indecipherable and it’s a pain to navigate. You’ve just lost another smartphone user. […]

Scorecard: Will Your Business Strategy Deliver Dazzling Profits Or Drag You Down?

You and all your people are working so hard: but are you really getting the results you want? Sometimes the workload feels too heavy and, at times, you are not totally sure you are on the right track. Of course, you have a business vision, objectives and a strategy but are they driving the growth […]