A Marriage Made In Heaven: How To Combine Your Online & Offline Marketing

There’s been a lot of talk of death when discussing online and offline marketing, but actually there’s no need for a fight. The rise of online marketing doesn’t mean traditional marketing methods are dead in the water. It just means we, as businesses, have a new and expanding way to reach our customers.

Now you just have to work out how to use a combination of both in your marketing mix, so that you are making the best of the modern marketing opportunities available to you.

What is online and offline?

Before we go any further let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

Offline marketing channels are TV, radio, direct mail, print advertising and billboards and more.

Online marketing reaches people via the internet, which can be accessed by PCs, tablets, smartphones.

But is it really as simple as that?

An integrated world

With all the hype around digital marketing, it would be easy to think that you should be ploughing all of your energy into your online presence. However that’s not the real story.

We live in an era where the online and offline world is becoming increasingly integrated. TV programmes are becoming interactive with accompanying mobile apps and social network channels and customers can access brand websites thought the QR codes on print ads.

Infosys research revealed that 40% of people searching online will buy after being influenced by offline marketing. More than that, 60% claimed they were highly likely to buy based on word-of-mouth. Despite the increase in online activity, we still live in an offline world. As this is how your customers interact with the world, it is how you should be reaching them – both online and offline.

A mix of marketing

Using both marketing channels doesn’t mean separate campaigns but rather a marketing mix where your offline marketing strategy is supported and complemented by the marketing you’re doing online, and vice versa.

It’s time to stop thinking purely online or offline and start incorporating both channels into all your marketing campaigns. Here are some things to be thinking about to make sure all your marketing efforts are consistent.

  • Do your offline ads have the same look and feel as your website?
  • Do they have the same message?
  • Is your website address or QR code on all your offline marketing materials?
  • Do you have a specific landing page on your site that customers are directed to from offline marketing?
  • Is your mix tailored to your customer base?

According to an Econsultancy report, 70% of companies worldwide are increasing their online marketing budgets, 2% more than last year. While 20% are increasing their budgets for offline marketing, 4% up on last year.

Make sure your business is doing both.

Are you investing in a combination of online and offline marketing? Share your experiences with us.

Feature image by Alan Cleaver